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Sluggy Caveman Asterix

Part time artist who dabbles in photography, 3D modeling, miniature painting and many other mediums


Well… I’m a student again. I decided to sign up yesterday to New Media Campus’ 3D animation & Game Design course.

The course consists of 5 projects.

Project 1, uses Maya and Photoshop, to Model, Texture, Light and Render a Train Station
Project 2, uses Maya, Photoshop and Zbrush to create a Dinosaur
Project 3, I create a Stylized Vehicle
Project 4, is a Low Poly Game environment, using the Unreal Development Kit
Project 5, is a Focused Portfolio Project

The nice part about all of this, is that I get student discounts on Zbrush, but I also now have a 3 year student License for Maya 2011.

Can’t wait to show off my stuff :)