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Sluggy Caveman Asterix

Part time artist who dabbles in photography, 3D modeling, miniature painting and many other mediums


Based on a cartoon series created by Arthur Qwak and produced by the French company Futurikon, Dragon Hunters follows Zoe little girl who believes in fairy tales. Not because she is naive, but because she likes fairy tales. So in order to help her uncle Lord Arnold get rid of a terrible dragon, Zoe decides she has to find some heroes. In comes Gwizdo (Rob Paulsen) and Lian-Chu (Forest Whitaker) a pair of two-bit, fly-by-night dragon hunters.
The art style is very stylized and quite reminiscent of Igor. Set within a colorful fantastic world with floating islands and dragons (ok, so they aren’t the typical mid-evil dragons… it’s more of a, any monster is called a dragon.. but who cares)
Definitely not worth the acclaim of any major awards, it’s a cute story and it’s easy to get swept into their world.