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So there’s been quite a few updates.. none on the building phase but on the procurement of the full aluminum r2 parts.

First I got the Teeces V3 lighting kit for the dome this past Monday. I was really lucky with this, as I had found out about this run, I got the last set and the guy making them has said this would be his last run for a while.  There will be alot and I mean ALOT of soldering to do… My fingers already fear the burns.

Next, as of 20 minutes ago, I got the last Com-8 Budget frame from Commando Eight. He started an other run, limited to 25 units and I got the 25th unit.

The kit includes the aluminum budget frame, the shoulder to frame hubs, a rear hatch for easy access to the inside of the droid, 2 electrical plates to mount the electronics on the inside, a skin Block set to attach the skin when I get one, a Pittman Dome Drive and the  charging bay.

Now, this set cost a pretty penny… or more… but I noticed that there aren’t that many runs of this and definitely not one that includes all these parts.


So I’m definitely on my way. I have the lighting in, the dome will be here in September, the Frame should ship on June 22nd. This is so exciting.