This is not a Ronald Raygun

Published: March 29, 2012,on 3D, Blog

Ok we’re getting there… this is close to 3 hours (which shouldn’t of taken that long if I had done some concept sketches) in Maya… I’m almost happy with it… it still needs some tubes that wrap from one side to the other and personally¬†think a few more blinky lights but it is just a small prop, it doesn’t need so many details.

Once that’s done… import into ZBrush and polypaint it and texture it… and then it can be used to zap some space scum



Soo got up a bit early this morning to try and get this to a point where I can import it into ZBrush… little problem 1. I have a bunch of faces with more than 4 faces… not a big deal… just a pain in the ass. problem 2… all of these faces are inside a really tight area inside the model… this is going to take an entire night to fix :(

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