Jan 20th – Royal seating

Published: January 20, 2013,on Blog

What a gorgeous day, we were at sea all day and went to see Brave, then went to the shopping seminar to be ready for all the ports of call.

Lunch again was at Cabana’s this time they had a great garlic and black pepper shrimp.

As I mentioned we saw Brave, which was kinda funny, cause when we walked into the Buena Vista Theater, there was a huge group praying in there…it seems like it was a huge extended family and they were talking about pilgrimages and quests… Really cult like.

After the movie, we went for a swim and hung out in the hot tub.

Tonight’s show was Aladin… Really good and funny.

Dinner was at The Royal Court… Similar to Lumiere’s on board the Magic, but with murals of the various royal couples decorating the walls. Dewayne and Precious came out dressed as royal servers, and the couple seated with us showed up, Chad and Lisa, from Grand Rapids Michigan… They really reminded us of Jennifer and Chris from last year. Really nice couple. Lisa asked us what we did for a living… as i started to say that I did software QA, they looked at each other… endsup Chad does hardware testing for a company that does breakfix solutions. And he knows of N-able. But I’m on vacation and that’s about as much as I want to talk about work. They had decided to go to Palo’s on the first night. I can’t blame them, I can’t wait to go there again.

Dinner for me started with some escargot au gratin, with tons of garlic, Ange decided to got with the pomegranate glazed duck breast. We then both continued with a delicious French onion soup.  Very good. I then had an aged angus beef tenderloin with marquis mashed potatoes. Ange had a lamb chops with cheesy mash potatoes and a mint jelly.

After all this food, Chad joked that he was going to stroke out.

We headed back to the state room, and heard the intercom go off with a “Bright star” announcement… I remember this from reading up on cruise emergencies. Can’t be good.


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