Jan 26th – I’m going to Disney World!

Well… It was a sad day, we grabbed our stuff and left the stateroom, only to see Valentino standing there and telling us he’ll see us in August on the Magic.

We then walked down to Animator’s Palate to surprise everyone. Liam greater us at the door with this look of… “Didn’t you say you weren’t coming?” Then Chad and Lisa showed up and pretty much said the same. :)

It was nice seeing everyone one last time. I ordered route 66, scrambled eggs, ham, bacon and a Mcdonald’s style hash brown. It wasn’t terrible. Ange just had cereal and yogurt.


We then said our goodbyes and left the ship. Since we took the transfer to the hotel, we waited in the coach for a while. What should of taken 45 minutes ended up taking about 3 hours.

We checked int Port Orleans Riverside and headed to Magic Kingdom right away.

Once there, Ange wanted lunch, and wanted her pogo bites, so I got those and a Chicago Dog for myself. Who ever made this, has never been to Chicago… The relish was yellow… Not radioactive green, they had sliced banana peppers instead of the little chilies they have in Chicago and there was no tomatoes or mustard.

Now with our tummies full…Ride time!!! We did our favorites, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear… And checked out the new Fantasyland. It’s nice but still in construction. We tried the new Little Mermaid ride… Super cute.


At this point, it being Saturday and all, we left the huge crowds and went to Downtown Disney for dinner.

Ange didn’t want House of Blues after last year’s excitement, and is still scared of trying the crab boat, soooo. We went back to Portabello’s, again… Superb!


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