Jan 21st – Detour

Published: January 21, 2013,on Blog

Well… we’re not in Grand Caymen… the bright star warning from last night was a medical emergency and we had to re-route and dock in Cozumel over night…. so now we’re at sea for the day and heading to grand Caymen for tomorrow… and we’ll be skipping Costa Maya :(

Most of the day was spent in the pool or lounging in the sun.

Lunch was again at Cabana’s,

The show? This comedy/percussion duo, that we saw last year called Buckets and Boards, real funny and worth seeing.

I was really excited about dinner tonight. We dinned at Animator’s Palate. I loved the one on the magic, the whole restaurant was themed as an animator’s studio, with sculptures on shelves and sketches on the walls. The wait staff’s uniforms would change half way through dinner service. At this one, I had heard of interactive screens with Disney and Pixar characters who come to talk to you, as well as the opportunity to draw characters that they would animate on the screens. Ange started with black truffle pasta pursettes filled with truffle scented cheese in a champaigne sauce, followed by a creamy butternut squash soup. As her main dish, she had a lemon thyme marinated chicken breast. I have to say, her pasta dish was fantastic.

I started with a wild mushroom risotto. It was very creamy, however the rice could of been softer. Since there wasn’t any soups that I cared for, I went for a vine-ripe tomato salad, then jumped on a white shrimp penne pasta in a reggiano parmesan sauce.

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