Jan 22nd – grand caymen

Published: January 22, 2013,on Blog

Today we arrived in the Cayman's so we didnt have time for breakfast, so we just ordered some cereal.

Since we were tendered, we took a small boat to the island…. Gorgeous place. Once on the island, we took a small bus, that brought us to the Boatswain Sea Turtle farm. We got to see a bunch of different toes of turtles. Ange then got to hold a 4 year old turtle. Finally we got to smoke with them… Soo much fun.

After the snorkeling, we had tickets for a free lunch. The lunch consisted of black eyed peas and rice, some island chicken and juice… We skipped it and went to the restaurant there and had their honey mustard chicken wraps. As we're eating, we got surrounded by live chickens… Kinda creepy.

Once the tour was done, we headed back to Georgetown and did a bit of shopping.

Dinner tonight was at Palo's. This one was darker than the one on the Magic, but very elegant. Our waiter, Carmine was from Italy (Naples) and started to speak to Ange in Italian.

He brought us a bowl of flat breads and the antipasti plate… Soooo good. Ange ordered the mushroom polenta which was nice and creamy, but she didn't like it. I ordered the caprese salad, so I traded with her.

As for her main, she had the penne arabiatta. Again so good and spicy. The sauce reminded me of the rose sauce from Johnny Farina's but with a kick. I ordered the lobster ravioli… It was really good.. But three pieces isn't enough for me. I was still hungry.

Desert, chocolate soufflé. Nough said


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