Jan 23rd – pirate night

Published: January 23, 2013,on Blog

Aarrgh! tis pirate night!

Today was fantastic.

We started the day with room service. ange had cereal, I had a croissant, on port days it’s really all we have time for.

We then headed ashore to do the Cozumel highlights and Mayan ruins tour. Unfortunately, as we got out, it started to drizzle and Ange complained that she was cold. So we followed our little Mexican guide Miguel, who really looked like your stereotypical Mexican and boarded the bus.

Our first stop was the ruins of an area inhabited by the Mayan high priest of Ix Chels, the god of the moon and fertility. Over 3000 years ago during the Mayan times, young couples would do a pilgrimage to Cozumel before starting there families. Here, they would go through rituals to prove to Ix Chels that they were worthy of having a family. Once done, they would head back to the main land until the woman was ready to berth, then she would have to go back.

It was fascinating and Miguel really knew his stuff. They actually have to study history, anthropology and archeology in order to be guides there.

The next stop was a tequila plant.

We got to try different types including flavor infused tequilas. Ange and I were so surprised how smooth and good these were. Especially since neither of us could really stomach the stuff anymore.

We bought a few bottles and got back on the bus.

Next stop, the most southern point in Mexico, a little beach. It was gorgeous there.

Once done, we headed back to the boat to have lunch, unfortunate for us, Cabana’s was closed, so we got some food from one of the fast food places.

We then headed back to shore to do a bit of shopping



I had these yummy little pot stickers as an appetizer, a jerk chicken salad with citrus dressing for my salad… Can’t say I cared much for the dressing, Ange seemed to love it cause she finished mine. My main was a delicious short ribs with mashed. Dewayne, looking out for us as usual, noticed e piece I got was mostly fat, so he went back and got me an other.

Ange decided to start with a pineapple spear that had a dressing of sorts on it, then she also went for the jerk salad and finished it off with a scrumptious looking Mahi Mahi.

Once the meal was done, Chad, Lisa, Ange and I headed upstairs for the pirate show… Of course It started raining and Chad and Lisa started teasing me that we’ d miss the fireworks again. But thanks to Captain Marco’s fantastic navigational and meteorological skill, he got us to nicer weather just in time for a great fireworks show. Once the fireworks finished, Chad and Lisa left and Ange and I hung around for the dance party.


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