Jan 24th – at sea

We decided to start off the day by going to try Cabana's for breakfast… Way better than the buffet at the Enchanted Garden… But Ange still wasn't pleased with it.

After what felt like five million laps around deck 4, we went to the future bookings desk and booked our next cruise. We're going to Europe!!! We booked our 10th wedding anniversary cruise for August 24th. We leave from Barcelona, go to Nice in France, Italy and back to Spain. This is going to be amazing.

After that we went up to the 14th deck forward to relax… It's so windy and wavy though, Ange looks like she's turning green


Lunch was once again at Cabana's… This time I didn't like it much… With lunch out of the way, we decided to play the Mickey's Midship Detective Agency game… It was ok, but after a few decks, we got bored of it… Well Ange did. So we headed to the Anyone Can Cook lesson. This one, for a lobster, marscapone ravioli in a tomato broth. Tasty :)

Ange decided to head to the hot tub after and I started to pack so we'd have less to do tomorrow… Well after a few minutes I headed up to see her and she was feeling noxious due to the waves. So I brought her back to the state room and ordered her one of these famous chocolate chip cookies… So she could have them with some gravol… What a disappointment… They tasted like store bought crap. And they weren't even warm!


Dinner was at the Royal table again, but this time it was for the Captain's Gala… Which typically means LOBSTER. But I honestly have to say that I've had better… even from Red Lobster. I started with two appetizers. First was an aged prosciutto with Parmesan chunks. This was good, it wasn't too salty and there wasn't any dried up bits. Ange also had the prosciutto. As a second app cause I was still hungry from the disappointing lunch, was a trio of oysters Rockefeller… I figured since I love raw oysters this would be good. I also remembered that I had these last year. I didn't remember though that they tasted like crap. Oh well. For our soups, we both had the ministrone soup. That was great, it was a bit thicker than what we're used to at Poco's.

for the main, I had the lobster tail… It came on a bed of kidney beans and green beans and a saffron rice. The lobster was bland and over cooked, the rice didn't taste like saffron… Ange decided to go with venison, which came with red beat slaw and three crockets.

For desert, since we had missed a special desert that Liam the head waiter had ordered for the four of us, he did an encore. So Dewayne came and took our orders… Everyone took the molten lava cake. Then the special desert arrived… A sticky toffee pudding with a caramel sauce… Meh… Too sweet for me.


Tomorrow, Castaway Cay!


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