Jan 25th – Castaway Cay

Published: January 25, 2013,on Blog

Last full day of the cruise. We docked at Disney's private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay.

We started off with breakfast… Guess where? Yup… Cabana's. Then we walked down to Serenity Bay, the adult only beach. For some reason, as soon as we got here, so did the clouds.

There was tons of pelicans in the water. Dad would of loved this.


After lounging for a bit, it started to rain. Seriously? What is it with us and rain??? So we packed up and headed to Cookies' BBQ for lunch. Just as last year, both Ange and I were really disappointed. The served salads, burgers, fish, hotdogs, ribs, etc… Burgers tasted like crap, hot dogs were cold, ribs were crispy meh. So we continued walking, did a 5k walk to the look out tower


Man, you got a good view, but it was wobbly up there.

We then went for a drink, Ange had a Konk Kooler, I had a Corona. We sat there and admired the island.

Next up, was some hot tub time. It was nice to sit in the warmth. We then got some food and picked up some of our photos.


Dinner was at Animator's Palette again… This time the meal was mostly decided for us.

The app was a tasting sampler of garlic shrimp with a garlic aioli. Unfortunately the shrimp were cold… But tasty. Next was prosciutto on melon. Lastly was seared sesame crusted tuna with a teriyaki sauce. The menu said sashimi… It was not.

The soup… Oh man the soup… They brought us a popcorn soup… I don't even know how to start to describe it. The dish came with a soup bowl filled with a white, salty cream that had formed a skin… Next to the bowl, was a little container of caramel corn, that you were supposed to dump in the soup. This also came with a lime dusted corn bread. It was revolting.

Finally, the main. A beef Wellington, cooked too perfection. For those of you who don't know what that is… Think of a perfectly pink piece of beef tenderloin, rolled in mushrooms and grainy mustard, rolled in turn in a puff pastry. It was served with carrots, zucchini and potatoes.

Desert was a baked Alaska… A quarter of an inch thick slab of neopolatin ice cream surrounded by sponge cake. Meh!

The highlight though, was that we got to draw, and have our drawings show up in an animation. Our names then showed up in the credits. I turned to Ange and said “I finally got my name in a Disney credit!” They then returned the art with a stamp stating we were official Disney Animators.


And now as I write this, our suitcases are gone… And we're getting ready for our last sleep on the Fantasy for this trip… It's been great, we met great people and had tons of fun. As well as add two more countries under our belts.

Tomorrow we have breakfast and then head to Magic Kingdom!


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